Misc Handles



A beautiful selection of handles, you will be sure to find what you need.

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128mm Crackle Handle (87228chwh) Chrome White, 35mm Beehive Knob (83535bn) B/nickel, 35mm Beehive Knob (83535ch) Chrome, Bar Handle Brushed Nickel (61760) 170l X 160c, Bow Handle Shiny Chrome (63328ch) 200l X 128c, Crackle 't' Knob Handle (87235chwh) Chrome White, Dimpled Handle Brushed Nickel (57828) 154l X 128c, Dimpled Knob Brushed Nickel (57733) 32mm, Drop Handle Pewter 160mm (59560pe) 185l X 160c, Hammered Effect Pewter (68028) 188l X 128c, Hampshire Letter Box Handle (68228sc) 145l X 128c, Handle Brushed Nickel (61712) 524l X 512c, Handle Brushed Nickel (61720) 331l X 320c, Knob Hammered Pewter (67935) 32mm, Knob Satin Nickel (62435) 35mm, Satin Chrome (56328sc) 164l X 128c, Shaker Pull Antique (55496a) 126l X 96c, Shaker Pull Satin Nickel (55496sn) 126l X 96c, T Bar Brushed Nickel (58008bn) 226l X 156c, T Bar Brushed Nickel (58017) 655l X 595c, T Bar Brushed Nickel (58023) 387l X 327c, T Knob Pewter (59470pe) 70mm, Taper Handle Satin Chrome (58728sc) 182l X 128c, Taper Strap Handle Satin Nickel (69396) 140l X 96c, Titan D And Plate Pewter (72264pe) 130l X 64c, Titan Latch Handle Pewter (72664pe) 130l X 64c, Valentino 'd' Handle (78096pe) 141l X 96c, Valentino Latch Pewter (78296pe) 150l X 96c, Westminster Knob 30mm (11000ch) Chrome